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Data Protocol trains and certifies software builders in responsible data management. The time to apply privacy training and data best practices is before there is a problem, not after.

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why data protocol?

Data Protocol enables developers and developer-centric companies to build and ship products faster with less risk of mistakes and penalties.
Why Data Protocol

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Why does this matter?
Whether it be sustainability efforts, diversity and inclusion initiatives, or the importance of corporate responsibility, we all know that people want to work for, and customers want to do business with, companies whose values are aligned with their own. Trust is the latest value employees and customers are demanding... and it isn’t going away. If trust, authenticity, and safety are not a part of your organization’s DNA, you’re behind; and if you don’t prioritize trust, you are doomed to fail.
What is our pedagogy?
Data Protocol’s platform was designed to optimize outcomes for every type of learner. The format of lessons, courses, and assessments is rooted in the most innovative research and learning science. Data Protocol creates a propulsive and immersive path to proficiency.The pedagogical foundation of the platform and our courses include:

• On-time feedback
• Proficiency assurance
• Self-regulated learning
• Ongoing, immersive assessments
• Interactive hands on labs
• Peer to peer teaching and training

Our goal is operationalized knowledge. Measuring engagement, assessments, and speed to proficiency on the platform, we optimize each course for every learner. We learn along with our students. The flexible, interactive teaching environment teaches people how they want to learn. The full function data lab capability of the platform enables every learner to put their skills and knowledge to work.
What is (a) Data Protocol?
Data Protocol is a developer education platform. It is a different, better way of teaching, training, and certifying builders of software products to improve skills and verify proficiency. Protocols are the rules that enable systems to work together; data protocols are the rules that enable data driven systems, laws, industries, and companies to work harmoniously. Developers that understand and implement data protocols will build better and ship faster with less risk - for everyone
How does this work?
Members of Data Protocol are able to take topical, expert-led courses at their own pace. Members also have access to a growing library of product and platform specific courses. The repository of courses and resources will continue to grow and evolve, cover more subjects, and apply to more scenarios.
Who are Data Protocol members? What does membership mean?
Every software developer, of any experience level, across all platforms and products is welcome to join Data Protocol. Courses, training, and certifications (available now and coming soon) focus on a variety of topics. Courses are formatted and delivered as a fundamental, operational, and technical to meet the specific needs of each member. Membership is free, and by invitation only.
Why does Data Protocol work better than other online learning platforms?
The Data Protocol platform is built for developers by developers. Most online learning tools broadcast information. Data Protocol has a conversation with every member throughout every course. The unique environment, backed by an actual learner-centric operational system, makes courses more propulsive, more efficient, and a better way to deliver material - particularly for the developer audience.
Is Data Protocol free?
Data Protocol’s membership library is available to all members. Membership is free by invitation or partnership. Some certification courses require an additional cost.
Who creates Data Protocol’s content and courses?
Courses and topics are led by subject matter experts, developers, and operators that work and live the challenges they are helping learners to overcome. The Data Protocol team supports the production of each course and the learning aspects of testing and assessments, and partners are encouraged to participate on camera and off whenever product specific content is being created.
Who is Data Protocol for?
Data Protocol teaches courses in a uniquely developer centric environment and focuses on fundamental, operational, and technical aspects of designing and building software. If you write code, design products, or lead teams that do either, Data Protocol is a valuable resource for you and your company.
Why does Data Protocol teach privacy and data management?
Software drives, and is driven by, data. Ensuring the integrity and trust of data is paramount. Whether it is a person’s information (privacy) or a system’s data flow (security), managing data is a skill that must be developed, maintained, and prioritized by companies and individual developers. Privacy protection and data management are not someone else’s job, they are not the responsibility of lawyers or compliance officers. Data Protocol teaches developers these critical skills so that they can build better products, faster, with less risk.
Do developers care about privacy?
Yes. Very much. A recent study published by HarrisX found that 70% of developers believe data management and privacy are important. It also found that 83% of developers believe that good data management skills are critical to their career. With the right tools and support, developers will build us a better future. But we - and you - already knew that.
Why are privacy technologies and tools not enough?
Protecting individuals' privacy and managing data to a higher standard of security and integrity is not a technology problem and cannot be fixed with a technology solution. These are behavioral challenges that need to be addressed through education and skill development. Recognizing that privacy is not antithetical to speed or profit is about prioritization and the decision to incentivize both outcomes.
What can Data Protocol do for my company?
Data Protocol works with companies in three ways.

The first is to customize content and courses for your developer workforce. Responsible Workforce Development courses are produced in collaboration with your company and made available to your developers through a dedicated portal. All participants would also be invited as members and have access to the full library of courses. 

The second way Data Protocol works with companies is as a content partner. Responsible Product Adoption courses are developed and deployed in partnership with a data product producer to promote the effective, responsible integration and use of a specific product on a specific platform. 

Lastly, sponsored content that provides value to the Data Protocol membership and generally contributes to the resources available in the library will be produced in partnership with a corporate sponsor and hosted on the platform.

Request more information about Data Protocol and how we can help your company and your developers here.
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