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No downloads. No configuration. No cost.

A curated platform with:

  • Actionable resources

  • Engaging content

  • Always available takeaways

Designed for Developers

Playback Speed

Finish courses at your own pace by choosing your playback speed.


Navigate the platform without taking your hands off the keyboard.


Hands-on Labs allow you to interact natively with remote servers, run scripts, and analyze output.


Resources and guides make each course practical and operational. These resources are pinned to your profile and always available.


Notes taken in any course, and the key takeaways we've summarized for you, are pinned to your profile and timestamped to take you back to that exact point in the lesson.

Course Log

Provide real-time feedback and check your understanding along the way by answering questions in the Course Log. Your history is saved — and available anytime.

Progress Bar

Always know where you are and what's left. Leave and come back later if you need to - we'll save your place.

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