Privacy Center

Welcome to our Privacy Center. We care about your privacy as much as you do. Privacy is our passion and we lead by example.

We take our relationship to you and your data very seriously. With trust and transparency as our priority, we want you to know what data we collect, how we use it, when we share it, and what we do to protect it.

First some basic you will find our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.

And HERE is how you can contact us if you have any questions about your data.

We think of data in three ways:


Your information, name, email, etc., is yours. We ask for it so we can personalize our communications, and so we can identify who is using what within the platform. But this is undoubtedly your data. We will NEVER share this data without your permission. If at any time you want to leave the platform and would like us to delete your records and your data, no problem.It is your data and you are in control of it.


In this case, we mean Data Protocol's data. “My” data consists of the things that build the platform, like the AI we use to recommend courses to you and people with similar interests and needs. We aren't going to share this with you - or anyone else for that matter. This is what makes our approach better, and differentiates Data Protocol from other companies. We are happy to answer questions about who else this data might be shared with and why. Right now it is not going anywhere and we will absolutely tell you if that ever changes.


The data we create together, like the courses you take, the resources you share, and the way you engage with the platform, is valuable. For us, we learn from your interests and your path to proficiency so that we can more accurately predict your needs and the interests of others with similar profiles. For you, we can improve the product and improve the service you receive. We can't “delete” this or unlearn what we know, which is the result of analytics and ongoing improvements to our recommendation and production approaches, but we can remove you from it if you'd like. Similarly to my data, we will notify you if for any reason we plan to share this data with anyone else, and you can of course opt out of that sharing.

Now that our roles and interests are clear, let's take a look at where data is going and why:

privacy center data map