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Data Protocol is the future of developer education. Our mission is to teach developers and technical professionals how to build products responsibly and partner with platforms effectively. We teach, train, and certify technical professionals on what they need to know, the way they want to learn in a live terminal environment that is immersive, propulsive, and engaging. 

Our Team

Jake Ward


Peter Cherukuri


Joseph Robinson

Head of Engagement, Labs, & Innovation

Patrick Boylan

Chief Experience Officer

Chelsea Darcangelo

Chief of Staff

Flora Field

Content Strategist

Eric Peltz

Performance Director

Kimber Bougan

VP of Learning

Josh Haygood

VP of Production

Courtney Greenwood

Content Strategist

Michael Harfenist

Software Engineer

Carrigan Patrice

Creative Manager

Brianna Martiz

Video Editor

Toyo Ubaldo

Graphic Designer
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Why Does This Matter?
The rules and expectations for digital products and data privacy are changing. Across platforms, countries, and industries, the importance of data management and privacy protection is increasing. Public expectations, regulatory obligations, and industry standards are rising. New rules need new protocols. Data Protocol provides training and resources for developers and other technical professionals to have the skills to meet this rising standard without slowing down. 
What Makes This Special? 
Data Protocol is the future of developer education. Think MasterClass for Developers in a live terminal environment. We teach developers the way they want to learn. Immersive. Propulsive. Hands-On-Keyboard. The combination of expert-led training within a live terminal environment enables real time feedback, validates proficiency, and operationalizes knowledge.
Who Is This For?
If you write code, design products, or lead teams that do either, Data Protocol is a valuable resource for you and your company.
How Do I Get Access?
Data Protocol is a members-only platform. Membership is free of charge for developers regardless of any experience level. Members have access to all resources, training, and courses hosted on the platform. Click HERE to join. 
How Do I Partner With Data Protocol? 
Data Protocol works with developer-driven companies (platforms, API and SDK producers, and tool providers ) to train and support their internal workforce and external partners through our uniquely developer centric-designed Data Protocol platform. For companies providing developers with user data and data products the cost of breakage and policy violations far exceeds the price of training and support. Data Protocol makes every developer partner a managed partner.
Are You Hiring? 
Always! We are a high-growth company headquartered in Charleston, SC with offices and teams in Washington, DC and New York City. Check out our latest opportunities HERE.