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Services and solutions delivered on private, public, and hybrid clouds are better with Intel inside. To help cloud developers find the most highly-tuned, Intel®-optimized instances at the top cloud service providers (CSP), Intel has launched Cloud.U. The growing library of courses and training available on Cloud.U gives learners the information they need to navigate the cloud industry — the providers, the tools, the services and how they all fit together. Data Protocol was asked to enable those learners to roll up their sleeves and see the difference Intel makes inside the cloud.

Why Data Protocol?

There are a lot of cloud training programs available on the market. Many are product-specific, most are publicly available, but few are designed with cloud developers in mind. The developer-first design of the Data Protocol platform is uniquely able to engage and educate a technical developer audience. The value goes far beyond the familiar user interface.

The Linux-style terminal we use to ask and answer questions on the platform can be turned on – into a live virtual machine. This terminal interface creates a flexible environment that enables complex topics to be broken into teachable steps and exercises.

What we did & why

Working with leading subject matter experts, we designed and built hands-on labs that support and enhance Cloud.U topics. Each lab is built to use at least one dedicated server to support a host of specific exercises. For example, learners can deploy Intel’s System Health Inspector to identify issues that may affect operation and performance, or run Node Feature Discovery to optimize container orchestration from the safety of the lab environment.

These labs were designed to provide each user with a personal, seamless experience. Following a simple LMS integration, learners access the labs with one click via SSO. They are given access to their own lab environment and custom instance type. Because the labs are hosted on the Data Protocol platform, learners are supported by resources, guides, and features like the adjustable playback speed. With this flexibility, we set out to build a suite of labs complementing existing courseware to give developers the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned.

The result is a custom lab that allows learners to work at their own pace, review the provided material when they need, and execute each command to successfully complete the lab. Metrics and platform analytics are integrated into the Cloud.U LMS to create a seamless experience.


From measuring CPU performance in real time with Intel’s Telemetry Collector to encoding media files – our labs enable developers to see the value of Intel’s cloud-based solutions first-hand. When it comes to demonstrating the value of Intel inside the Cloud, Data Protocol is the right tool for the job.

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