Data Protocol has partnered with Tsaaro Academy to support their privacy compliance tools for your development teams. The following courses, videos, and resources are available to help you answer your questions about privacy protection and compliance with platform rules, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices. Select a course below to get started.


Learn data management and privacy protection skills.


Get the latest information and resources to support security and privacy.


Validate your proficiency with recognized badges and certifications.


CIPP/E - Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe

CIPP/E covers and trains privacy professionals with the perspective of the EU, and its regime on data protection, i.e., the GDPR, along with with-its principles, compliance requirements, international data transfers, and legislative framework, helps you in cipp/e preparation.

CIPM - Certified Information Privacy Manager

The Data Protection Officer certification course will give you hands-on experience on how privacy compliances are assessed by the DPOs, and you will further develop an expertise in solving privacy complexities.

CT-DPO - Certified Tsaaro Data Protection Officer Course

The Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) program is the world's first and only certification in personal data protection program management. This course will deepen your knowledge and help you understand all you need to know about developing, implementing, managing, structuring, and monitoring the privacy framework.