Swiping Left and Right - Security and Privacy in Tinder

Protecting your users requires time and work. Ensure security and privacy are working together to protect them.

August 4, 2021

99 problems and Darkside is one

Joseph Blount did not know what had hit him. He’s not a developer. He’s the CEO of Colonial Pipeline, the largest pipeline system for oil products in the US.

July 29, 2021

Feeling rejected by the App Store?

Apple rejected over 215,000 apps for privacy violations in 2020. They were rejected because they asked for more user data than they needed, or they mishandled the data they did collect.

July 29, 2021

What if management wants you to ship flawed code?

81% of developers said that vulnerable code was knowingly being pushed, and a little over half of those developers said that this happens “sometimes” or “often.”

July 29, 2021

How can TikTok sleep at night?

Why we need a federal data law: TikTok just casually added a clause to its US privacy policy stating it was collecting audio and visual fingerprinting information.

July 29, 2021

If you Netflix and Chill, you have an API to thank

Over 80% of what happens on the internet is the result of an API call. However, only 36% of companies perform security testing on their APIs.

July 29, 2021