Learn by Building 

Closing the gap between learning and building, Data Protocol’s labs allow developers to apply what they’ve learned to real-world scenarios. We provide a range of lab experiences to teach and test design and development skills.

Design Labs

Function begins with design. As every developer knows, design decisions are as important as the code that brings them to life. Data Protocol’s Design Labs align intention with function throughout the development cycle. Design Labs lead the learner through the design process from initial choices to the final product. Each supports course learning objectives to sharpen their skills in practical and applicable scenarios.

Technical Labs

Data Protocol Technical Labs provide learners with a live terminal, code editor, and web display powered by a cloud-hosted server - the ideal sandbox-like environment to get their hands dirty. This lab experience enables all the functionality a developer would expect, from running reports and web-based applications to executing programs and displaying metrics. Each lab environment is configured for a specific topic and includes the instance size, containers, packages, and software tailored for the experience.