Security is not privacy, but privacy requires security.

Privacy-Centered Security
Product guidance written by lawyers for developers lacks perspective and experience. It is conceptual, not operational. Privacy by Design doesn't have to be that way. Wrapped inside the conceptual framework of the 7 principles of Privacy by Design (PbD) is a useful checklist for product design, development, and management. This course makes Privacy by Design simple, accessible, and operational.


Key highlights
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    BIG IDEA: Design and build apps from intention to outcome, but start with a plan. Data minimization, deletion, and security.
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    WHY IT MATTERS: To protect privacy, you need to ensure security. It isn't enough to encrypt or harden data, you better take steps to defend it from attack, misuse, and malfesance.
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    LOCK AND KEY: Don't confuse security with privacy, or hacks and breaches with data misue. Know the difference, deliver both security and privacy.
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