Get In the Store: Insider Guidance on App Store Review Guidelines

Decoding Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines
Are you frustrated by App Store policies? Do you feel that submitting to the store is both a black box and a moving target? The App Store Review Guidelines are supposed to help, but they are written by lawyers and always changing. This course can help by providing a breakdown of the guidelines that is easy to understand and highly actionable.


Key highlights
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    BIG IDEA: Apple's App Store guidelines are there to protect your shared users, help you succeed, and - of course - the platform itself
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    WHY IT MATTERS: Knowing the five categories for App Store guidelines can help you get in the store, and stay there.
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    WAIT, THERE'S MORE: The guidelines are always changing. We've included bonus content that gives you the 5 major updates that were made to the guidelines in June 2021.
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