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VMware wanted to equip teams throughout the company with robust industry leading training, to foster innovation and facilitate a privacy by design mindset throughout the development lifecycle. When one of the world’s largest cloud computing companies invests in privacy, they put developers first, and they do it right.

Why Data Protocol?

The field of privacy engineering is young and relatively new – but the world’s leading companies recognize the value of professionally trained privacy engineers. This hasn’t happened by chance - privacy engineers like Nishant Bhajaria are leading the way. Nishant draws on years of experience at organizations like Nike, Google, and Uber to teach the next generation and grow the workforce in size and importance. Nishant believes the world needs more privacy engineers, and we agree. We partnered with the man who literally wrote the book on privacy engineering to design and host the best-in-class curriculum available.

By making that knowledge easy to learn and integrate into day-to-day processes, we create the foundation for future engineers and developers to forge their own paths and discover new ways of solving problems of privacy and data security.

These expert-led courses and hands-on labs support the most easily operationalized certification program available today. Simply put, the Data Protocol platform and approach offer the most effective way to bring the lessons of Nishant’s book to life.

What we did & why

Our off-the-shelf certification makes privacy engineering knowledge and skills more accessible than ever – giving individual developers an easier path to demonstrate their proficiency. But for leaders managing teams, tracking that proficiency at scale is a challenge. A greater challenge is aligning a cross-functional team around these principles. This challenge requires an intentional, specifically tailored effort to overcome.

We developed an enhanced Privacy Engineering curriculum and certification program to support VMware’s goal of formalizing internal privacy practices. We built a dedicated, branded partner portal to give learners a centralized location to find everything they need.

Our teams managed the program from communication to tracking. This not only relieved internal stakeholders of the administrative burden, it allowed us to optimize program delivery. Centralizing content and facilitating real-time learner feedback enabled us to deliver a training program that increases engagement and speeds up skill development.

As a Workforce Development partner, VMware can study analytics while their technical professionals have lifetime access to the full curriculum and custom courses developed by our team. Data Protocol’s Workforce Development solution provides the foundational content that organizations expect with the customization they need.


A dedicated Privacy Engineering program delivered at scale can change the way both individual teams and entire companies work. Promoting a shared language, building a common knowledge, and aligning an entire workforce around standardized processes and resources reduces the risk of mistakes and speeds up decision-making.

The outcome is a culture where knowledge and responsibility shifts left, empower the people building products and process.

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