The Apps 4 Kids courses help you build great, safe, and successful products for children. Covering the foundational rules and laws governing the protection of children’s data and how to design apps to meet the unique needs of kids, each Apps 4 Kids course supports compliance with the law and adherence to app store policies.
The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is fundamental, often confusing, and never optional. Download this guide to get started.
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Rules 4 Kids

The rules and regulations for kids apps can be confusing, are important, and should never be broken. Creating an app for kids is not easy, but privacy laws and data regulations are not optional. In this course, legal experts and veteran product managers will teach you how to comply with laws like GDPR and COPPA, the fundamentals of platform requirements, and the best practices for working across teams and departments.

Designed 4 Kids

Building Apps for Children is hard and absolutely worth it. You need a guide to find your audience and successfully navigate Apple’s App Store rules and requirements.

In this course, veteran product leads from Sesame, Homer, and BrainPOP explain the choices every designer of kids apps must make, and offer their best practices for managing kids apps within the App Store.  When you set out to design and build kids apps, remember that before you can surprise and delight, you must protect and secure.

Meet Your Instructors

Abigail Adams

Senior Director of Product Management

Joseph Robinson

Head of Engagement, Labs & Innovation

Kyle Levenick

Senior Product Manager, Platforms

Whitney Merrill

Data Protection Officer & Privacy Attorney

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