Meet the MEMBER:
Nishant Bhajaria
Nishant Bhajaria

Nishant Bhajaria

Director of Privacy Engineering, Architecture, and Analytics
Nishant Bhajaria

Nishant Bhajaria is an executive leader and industry-expert in the privacy and security space and currently serves as the Head of Privacy Engineering and Governance at Uber. 

He plays the critical role connecting engineering, legal, and leadership to ensure data protection for both the user and the business. Prior to Uber, Nishant spearheaded compliance and privacy engineering programs at Google, Netflix and Nike. 

In addition to speaking extensively in this space and hosting a data privacy learning series on LinkedIn, Nishant authored Data Privacy: A runbook for engineers - a deep dive into strategies on effectively identifying, communicating and addressing privacy risks using technical strategies.

Why do you think it is important to teach and train developers in data management skills?

"To pilfer a phrase from President Clinton circa 1996, “the era of top-down engineering is over.” Engineers make bottoms-up decisions on IT tooling, data collection, security practices, etc. When viewed through the prism of scale and velocity, your success (or failure) in data collection and quality lies in the hands of your engineers. Giving them the tools, training and context to make the right decisions is critical, and over time, you will build a culture with the right incentives. The eventual winners of this virtuous cycle will be your products and customers, leading to an enhanced reputation and healthier bottom line"
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