Meet the MEMBER:
Don Dodge
Don Dodge

Don Dodge

Former Developer Advocate
Don Dodge

Don Dodge is a tech veteran with over 30 years in the software industry. Most recently a Developer Advocate at Google - helping the developer community build new applications on Google platforms and technologies. 

Prior to joining Google, Don was a technology evangelist at Microsoft and advised product development groups on startup technology trends, new product requirements, and potential development partners.

Don is also a veteran of five start-ups including: Forte Software, AltaVista, Napster, Bowstreet, and Groove Networks.

Why do you think it is important to teach and train developers in data management skills?

Developers are highly skilled in software development, but not in legal and regulatory matters in every country in the world. These laws differ by country, and change without notice. Software must comply with these laws or face severe economic fines. Training is essential to avoid issues.
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