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Darine Fayed
Darine Fayed

Darine Fayed

Chief Legal Officer
Darine Fayed

Darine Fayed is the General Counsel & Data Protection Officer of Mailjet by Pathwire, a French email marketing platform. Her role at Mailjet is to lead the data protection and security transformation programs all while minimizing risks to the company. 

Darine has worked with developers to empower and support them as data leaders while also spearheading programs that drive the company’s data privacy and protection measures. 

Prior to Mailjet, Darine spent over 10 years as an attorney in several notable global law firms both in the US and in France. Specializing in international contracts, global data privacy laws and corporate law.

Why do you think it is important to teach and train developers in data management skills?

"Training and building awareness among IT teams on data management is the basis in achieving a notable shift in the corporate mind-set towards data privacy, and where people start to see data protection measures not as a burden but as a foundation to business. The developer is integral part of building and designing the systems, and they have the key to a company’s security awareness to in turn build higher quality products and obtain customer satisfaction."
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