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We believe the best way to resolve data and privacy issues is to address them before they exist. By putting data management knowledge and skills in the hands of the people closest to the products- developers. Data Protocol enables developers and developer-centric companies to build and ship products faster with less risk. Fewer lawyers, less nos, and more knowledge in the hands of developers is the most effective way to restore trust to users and promote responsible product design, development, and adoption.

Why Data Protocol

Data Protocol is an education and training platform designed for developers to make data management easier to learn than it is to ignore. The format and flexibility of our platform enables developers to learn the way they work, accelerating the time to proficiency, and raising the standard for data management.

The rules – and expectations – for data management are changing. New rules need a new protocol that enables developers to meet this rising standard without slowing down. The function of the platform maximizes flexibility and encourages developers to customize their experience to meet their needs while delivering original content from expert instructors.

This is a moment of reflection for developer-centered companies. Across platforms, countries, and industries, the importance of data management and privacy protection is increasing. Public expectations, regulatory obligations, and industry standards are rising. Data Protocol is ready to support the developer workforce with the training and resources they need to meet this standard.

Our Team

Jake Ward


Peter Cherukuri


Joseph Robinson


Patrick Boylan

Chief Experience Officer

Geoff Hollingworth

Head of Marketing

Eric Peltz

Performance Director

Kimber Bougan

Director of Learning

Leanna Bringht

Production Manager

Niki Herbert

Learning Manager

Courtney Flowers

Operations Manager

Carrigan Patrice

Creative Manager
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